Letters to the Editor

Why tow pangas?

I enjoyed John Fisher’s letter (March 7) about the $350,000 boat that is going to tow those elusive panga boats somewhere for processing, never to be seen again. Also, as Fisher said, what happened to the 69 people who were arrested in regard to these panga boats?

Several months ago, before this expensive craft was made, I wrote a letter to The Tribune wondering why we needed this boat, considering the panga boats come all the way from Mexico with two huge Mercury engines, so they obviously are seaworthy.

There are a lot of people within the Sheriff’s Office near the coast who would be more than happy to pilot the pangas to wherever the police or sheriff want them to go.

I ask again: What happened to common sense?

Also, isn’t it the duty of the U.S. Coast Guard, to guard the coast? It is very experienced at towing boats.