Letters to the Editor

Solar is the solution

In the March 8 Tribune, I was shocked and simply appalled to read on page one that the fossil fuel-supplied utilities of our nation have mounted a campaign to stifle one of the brightest, most hopeful actions on our horizon — that is, the rapid growth of solar energy.

This, in the face of nonstop reports of disasters, such as yet another oil train derailment, on March 5 in northwest Illinois, and reports of drought, water wars and fires in every part of the West.

What are they thinking? Oh yes, sadly, I know the answer. It is to protect market share. No matter how much damage is caused by the continued heavy use of coal, oil and gas, the utilities must make money.

It is far past time for us to demand that our legislators cease putting up with this madness and do something that will actually help: Pass the most efficient and effective method of reducing the rising level of CO2 in the atmosphere, the Carbon Fee and Distribution legislation. This fee will help to gradually reduce the use of fossil fuel at a known rate, while returning the revenue equally to all households.