Letters to the Editor

Ever more reckless

Might we do better to get up out of the box of yet more regulation to have a look at the socialized and normalized mentality of a certain group of students? Isn’t “the problem” something other (and more obvious) than overloading a rooftop?

Is there a need for a culture change — or at least some consciousness raising — in this particular group? Is what we are seeing a case of peer-cosigned denial (or at least unconsciousness) of self-destructive behavior?

What sort of people are we “raising” or “developing” — with state tax money — at Poly? Is it in their, as well as our own, long-term interests to continue to provide a venue for this group of students to become ever more reckless?

Forget about accusing me of wanting to do away altogether with this particular way of student life. (I went to USC.) All work and no play is ridiculous. But too much of a “good thing” may not be.

If one mixes alcohol, energy drinks, cultivated herbs, designer drugs and other disinhibiting neurostimulants and neurodepressants night after night after night, how is the brain remodeled? And how will that remodeling affect this group of people over the long run?

The hard science is there. With a student population that supposedly respects hard science, might we do well to put some in front of them?

Will this provide a “complete solution?” Of course not. But will it help the statistics? It has in the past.