Letters to the Editor

Common behavior

Oh goody! I live in a college town. Our Cal Poly students are super smart! They are able to calculate the best time to party and destroy property, while avoiding excessive fees. Smart. When someone dies of alcohol poisoning at a frat party, our students always have good excuses. When they hang blatantly racist decorations on Halloween, they say, “Uh, was that offensive?” Yep, super smart.

And San Luis Obispo has a super smart mayor, too. Mayor Jan Marx noted that this happens all the time, and then successfully avoided leadership and responsibility, too. In the olden days, college students would have been kicked out of university. Not here! Here, we love arrogance and disrespect! We give our students an entire week called WOW. We let them parade throughout downtown, shoving people and children out of their way, while they disrespect store owners and their shops. We want our students to know that this is the way to grow up in SLO. Stay irresponsible children for as long as you possibly can.

I wonder what it would look like if the Cal Poly administration decided to inspire character and responsibility in our students and ended this behavior?