Letters to the Editor

More governance

Ms. Harvey (“OK with sanctuary,” March 4) states in an opinion piece regarding the SGMA on Sept. 21, 2014, that she is against an “additional unnecessary overlay of governance” — so why now, is she “OK” with it in regards to the sanctuary?

The sanctuary is the epitome of an “additional unnecessary overlay of governance.”

The four criteria for the nomination are already being met by local, state and federal agencies with policies, statutes and laws. In fact, criteria No. 2 requires that criteria for other programs have been met or would be met!

I believe the local residents, city, county and state are doing a great job of “making sure the ocean economy we have grown to depend on is sustainable and productive” and will continue in the generations to come!

Once the designation is made, it becomes part of the Code of Federal Regulations. (A) There is no turning back from that if we don’t like it. (B) Federal laws always trump state and local laws. We must proceed with extreme caution. At this point, there is no way of knowing exactly how those laws will read.

How many honestly believe that the federal government is doing a “good job?”