Letters to the Editor

Keep community safe

It was refreshing to read Sara Medzk’s letter to the editor (“Not so quaint A.G.,” Feb. 28) as someone who has actually had their town impacted by heavy truck traffic.

Yes, Santa Margarita already has some quarry-related truck traffic, but adding an entirely new haul route that funnels on average another 200-plus trucks a day (more in the summer, less in the winter) through town would forever erode the character and safety of this quaint rural village.

Routing heavy trucks on an almost continuously double-lined road (Highway 58) with no bike lanes, through residential areas, past a school crosswalk with limited line of sight, past the town’s only park, across a dangerous at-grade railroad crossing, and through the town’s only business area would be a bad choice, and not possible to remedy in the future. The road is governed by Caltrans and state and federal laws govern the railroad crossing. Supervisors have the ability and authority to keep Santa Margarita a safe and livable community by denying this project as both planning staff and the Planning Commission have determined to be the appropriate action.