Letters to the Editor

Where is civility?

Mr. Roberts’ recent letter regarding NASCAR, (“No place for NASCAR,” March 1) saddened me, not because he isn’t a fan, but because it exemplifies what has happened to our national dialogue over the past several decades.

Because Mr. Roberts isn’t a fan of NASCAR, he seems to think it’s necessary to dismiss anyone who is as not only stupid, but somehow unworthy of ordinary courtesy. This idea that when we engage someone in a debate it is necessary to destroy the person who disagrees with us is inimical to the very ideas of civilized discourse. As a nation, or at least as a county judging by the letters The Tribune publishes, we have lost our civility, our sense of proportion and at least to some degree, our sense of honor.

I am not angry at Mr. Roberts, he is, it seems, in the majority. But I do wish we could find a way to express our views on the issues of the day, even those as mundane as stock car racing, without having to first demonstrate that anyone who disagrees with our view is not only unintelligent but also, according to Mr. Roberts, an unwitting agent of some conservative conspiracy.