Letters to the Editor

An unsteady boat

The March 4 article regarding the sheriff’s new boat (“Coastline Security”) raises the following questions:

If the primary function of the $350,000 boat is to simply “transport panga boats for processing” what function will it have in actually “combating maritime drug smuggling,” which was the purpose of the federal grant?

Why can’t law enforcement/Coast Guard be more effective in intercepting these boats at sea? Are panga boats below the radar?

What’s the point of the boat going “smoothly at 50 mph,” if it will be used for towing?

Isn’t $800 a year for maintenance and fuel a very conservative cost estimate for this boat? Were the employee salary and benefit costs factored in?

Over the past 34 months, 15 pangas were discovered. What was the cost to taxpayers for contracting out the tow service? At approximately one every two months, what will our new boat be doing when not towing that the other boats in our fleet couldn’t do?

Also, what happened to the 69 reported arrestees connected to recovered boats in court? Were they convicted? What was their sentence?

Finally, just how many deputies are out here in North County, say on a Friday night, protecting us? Four? Six?