Letters to the Editor

Sanctuary thoughts

Janice Peters’ arguments against a national marine sanctuary are based on putting words into the mouth of a deceased individual who can neither confirm nor deny what she said in a private conversation. (“A cautious look at latest sanctuary plan,” Feb. 24). And even if she could, that would amount to one person with an opinion.

The arguments for national marine sanctuaries are based on readily confirmed fact and decades of operation and are available at http://www.noaa.gov. The case for the Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary proposed for the Central Coast is at http://www.chumashsanctuary.com. Everyone should check out those websites and draw their own conclusions. As an environmental attorney with an interest in our coastal treasures, I spent three years researching the benefits to our community of a sanctuary. My conclusions are: “Why don’t we have one of these yet?” and “When can we get one?”