Letters to the Editor

Consider the costs

Please assist with the proposed development of Cherry Hill Canyon. It is currently zoned for agriculture and is a beautiful site for conservation.

As a residence of Avila Beach, I am against this proposed development, as everyone in San Luis Obispo County should be. If you ever come to our beautiful beach area on a summer weekend, you would find overflowing traffic and people everywhere. The single road is a danger zone for people walking, crossing and transporting their recreational vehicles.

The proposed development would add an additional 1,500 homes and a possible hotel. Additional traffic would cause a great danger to everyone. The nuclear power plant also uses this road. If there were to be an emergency, there would be no way to get everyone out.

Tourism is very important to businesses and San Luis Obispo County. County residents appreciate the use of this area, and the proposed development would endanger the shared pleasure. Every boat owner, fisherman, golfer and family would suffer the inconvenience and danger of the additional traffic.

Please consider the danger, current owners and taxpayers, before you proceed with this development.