Letters to the Editor

Focus on emissions

It was a breath of fresh air to read the editorial “Focus on Keystone is misplaced” in The Tribune (Feb. 26). This editorial opinion focused on the bill reintroduced in Congress on Feb. 24 by Rep. Chris Van Hollen, DMd., addressing the problem of CO2 emissions and climate change. Similar in many ways to the carbon tax and dividend plan proposed by Citizens’ Climate Lobby, Van Hollen’s bill is a market-based plan that should appeal to members of both political parties.

If passed, this legislation would lower greenhouse gas emissions by charging the companies who put oil, coal and natural gas into the market. All the money collected from the producers of fossil fuels would then be returned to American households as a dividend to cover the increased cost of energy.

It is time for Americans to come together to ask Congress to pass legislation that ends the use of fossil fuels and makes way for accelerated renewable clean energy innovation and use. Charging the producers of dirty energy an increasing fee, and passing that money on to Americans as dividends, will protect the planet while at the same time protecting the incomes of ordinary citizens.