Letters to the Editor

Vote for Ray

I am aghast at the lack of concern or empathy revealed by Lynn Compton’s dismissal of North County’s drying wells as “merely anecdotal.” Compton attended numerous Board of Supervisors meetings where rural residents gave personal, first-hand, gutwrenching testimony of failing wells. Apparently, Compton remained not only unmoved but unbelieving .

Compton’s portrayal as a small-business candidate with family ties to Nipomo neglects to mention that she worked “for agricultural and pharmaceutical titans Monsanto, Pfizer, and Merck for almost her entire adult life.” (New Times, April 17.)

She was hand-picked by Republican corporate interests and extremists, not drafted by the grass roots. “Merely anecdotal” is repeated, mantra-like, by big ag and big pharma interests to deflect attention from rampant overplanting and overpumping. “Jobkilling regulations” is the other mantra, used to push for lower field worker safety standards.

When Compton complains “one-third of our growers” are leaving for other countries because of “over-regulation” of pesticides and worker safety, she isn’t referring to Nipomo’s farmers. She’s referring to huge corporate growers in Santa Barbara County’s strawberry industry, to which her family’s ag supply business sells pesticides and other chemicals .

Don’t be fooled. Vote for Caren Ray.