Letters to the Editor

No on Proposition 46

As Election Day nears, as physicians in the community, we want to be sure our community understands what Proposition 46 is about. Proposition 46 is designed by malpractice attorneys as a thinly-veiled attempt to dramatically increase medical malpractice settlements to generate larger attorney fees.

Trial lawyers hope that other parts of Proposition 46 they added (random drug testing of physicians and increased physician reporting of controlled substance prescriptions) will divert voters from their true aim. Proposition 46 does not lay out how random drug testing of physicians should occur. Its requirement that physicians report patients’ prescriptions for controlled substances is also flawed, since doctors would be required to report prescriptions for substances such as sleeping aids, anxiety medicines and pain medicines to a national database that connects patients’ names with their prescriptions.

Simply put, Proposition 46 will drive up the cost of health insurance for all Californians; it will force some physicians to give up their practices and leave California because of untenable malpractice premiums; and it will compromise your privacy to a national database. We implore you to speak to your physician about Proposition 46 or go to www.noon46.com   to learn more about this proposition.