Letters to the Editor

Atascadero council

A hallmark of a good leader is willingness to hear opinions that may differ from their own and involving the public in the decision-making process. Again, Atascadero City Council candidate Len Colamarino has resorted to arrogant insults to the intelligence of Atascadero voters for daring to disagree with him.

In his Tribune letter on Oct. 30 (“The reason is clear”), he acknowledges that major changes to the Del Rio projects were mandated by the state. Colamarino dismisses those mandates as irrelevant to cost overruns imposed upon the city, stating that it must be “gross negligence by Atascadero city officials.” Does he really believe mandates to widen the overpass to accommodate new requirements of the American’s With Disabilities Act will be inexpensive or that purchase of additional land to widen the proposed roundabouts isn’t costly?

The effect Colamarino’s attitude will have upon the public bodes ill for Atascadero. Instead of open exchanges of ideas at City Council meetings, we’ll see people afraid to approach the podium because they will be insulted or intimidated. Our council members often disagree, but they do so in a civil manner, a lesson Colamarino needs to learn.