Letters to the Editor


I want to thank The Tribune Editorial Board for their endorsement of my candidacy for Atascadero City Council under the heading “Time for change in Atascadero” (Oct. 6). Also, I thank everyone in our city who openly supported me these last two months. Your kind words of encouragement during this most challenging campaign were appreciated and will long be remembered.

The important issues now facing our city will not vanish as the echo of all the election “happy talk” fades into the black hole of postelection reality. It is time for work to get done. Long-neglected problems must now be taken seriously; firm priorities established with goals and objectives assertively and effectively followed through with.

As a full-time member of the City Council, you may be assured that I would work hard and long to bring Atascadero up to its full potential not only as a wonderful place to call home, but also as an economically vibrant city where investors want to invest and builders want to build. Yes, it is time for a change. The Tribune got it very right.