Letters to the Editor

Pismo City Council

According to a report by Public Works Director Ben Fine, the water balance for Pismo Beach is: Demand: 2,148 acre-feet per year (AFY) in 2013. State water entitlement: 2,480 AFY, but Pismo would only receive 5 percent, or 124 AFY. Lopez water: 896 AFY. Groundwater: 700 AFY. So, total indicated supply is 1,720 AFY. The shortfall is being made up with onetime “surplus” Lopez water to keep the faucets running. If we don’t get good rain in 2015, this extra source could be used up.

The high dependence on state water and its nonreliability was highlighted a couple of years ago when LAFCO (with current council member Kris Vardas) rejected the large Los Robles Del Mar housing development. The City Council subsequently approved an environmental impact report and General Plan changes that paved the way for an even larger development called Spanish Springs, knowing state water was iffy! The incumbents now claim they didn’t vote for Spanish Springs, which is sadly either a revision of history or — even worse — they didn’t know what they were voting on!

It is past time for a new City Council. Vote out the incumbents and vote in the challengers, Marcia Guthrie and Sheila Blake, who will look after your interests and not be mesmerized by the big developers.