Letters to the Editor

Help Grover streets

I’d like to address Grover Beach ballot measure K-14, the bond measure that will fix and repair more than 10 million square feet (45 linear miles) of Grover Beach city streets and roads.

As a former mayor of Grover Beach and as an owner of several properties in Grover Beach, which are rental units, I see the great wisdom of voting in favor of and passing K-14. Will my costs increase as a result? Yes. Yet, the cost is worth every penny. The roads are in terrible condition, and becoming increasingly more dangerous as time erodes them even further.

Think about the years of long delays, the millions upon millions of unnecessary extra dollars paid by property owners because of years of indecision that was suffered by residents of Los Osos while trying to replace septic systems with a contemporary sewer collection system. That is the same fate we will suffer should we fail to fix Grover streets now.

Every property owner and resident should care deeply about the quality of our neighborhoods. Fixing our failing roads, is in itself, a huge step toward greater safety, increased property values and a community to be proud of.

Please vote “yes” on K-14.