Letters to the Editor

Support Measure D

My two brothers and I were born and raised in San Luis Obispo. Our parents, Tom and Anne, spent their careers at Cal Poly and San Luis Obispo High, respectively. They devoted their lives to the children, teenagers, adults and athletes that lived in our community. Both of them taught us that we also have a responsibility to help our community. We have worked hard to honor their legacy.

We all attended and graduated from San Luis Obispo High and have deep feelings for its continued success as an outstanding institution. We are proud of our school’s successful students and high-caliber education, but we also know how badly the school needs a physical upgrade. San Luis Obispo High is in alarming condition, although its disrepair might not be apparent to others who aren’t on campus every day. Most classrooms and labs were designed more than 50 years ago, and no longer represent the best standards for learning environments. Upgrades and access to current technology are needed.

We can’t expect students to succeed and teachers/coaches to excel in a facility that doesn’t measure up. They deserve better. In fact, they deserve our best. Vote yes on Measure D.