Letters to the Editor

Support Measure L

As a retired Cuesta faculty member with more than 20 years of service and chair of a division (Kinesiology, Health Sciences and Athletics) from 2006 to 2012, I am supporting Measure L. I saw firsthand the deterioration of our facilities and how it impacted the faculty, staff and students.

Ask anyone who uses Cuesta’s gym or pool complex, and they will tell you those facilities are in desperate need of renovation. In addition, sewer repairs and leaking roofs were ongoing problems which caused major disruptions. For additional classroom space we converted an old equipment room and used the gym lobby. Functional classrooms, but hardly optimal learning environments when you could hear the hair dryers going off or athletic teams practicing on the other side of the walls!

Unfortunately, these problems represent only a fraction of the overall campus needs. The bottom line is that Measure L is literally a lifeline for Cuesta College and the students it serves. As much as I dislike increasing my tax burden, I am voting in favor of Measure L and I have complete confidence that the funds will be administered properly. I hope the community will support the measure as well.