Letters to the Editor

Double dipping?

So much has been written on Measure L, both good and bad. For me, it’s about dollars and cents — $19.45 per $100,000 of assessed value. To some, this is not a lot; to others on fixed incomes, it’s another hit to your budget. I cannot afford another bond payment on my tax bill as there are already four I am paying for. So I will vote “no.”

But one other bit of information I would like to pass along is the pamphlet that was included in the recent tax bills titled “Your Property Tax Dollars.” When you open it up, you notice that $252 million, or 61 percent of all tax money collected, goes towards schools. And when I look at the list of schools that benefit from this, lo and behold, there is Cuesta College. Now they want you to pass a bond for more money? Double dipping, anyone?

Vote “no” on Measure L.