Letters to the Editor

An honest candidate

I retired two years ago after spending over 38 years in county government, 35 as an elected official (treasurer, tax collector and public administrator).

During that time, I had the opportunity to work with over two dozen county supervisors with a great diversity of political persuasions.

What I discovered over those years was that the most important characteristic for a supervisor was honesty and the ability to work with all constituents. Honesty was more important than a supervisor’s political party.

Whenever politicians feel the need to be dishonest in their campaigns, to exaggerate their experience and skills, to misstate their opponents’ policies or actions, it’s time to take notice.

The information you get from such a person, if elected, will be exaggerated or false. What the 4th District needs is a supervisor who can be trusted with the truth.

For these reasons I will be voting to retain Caren Ray as 4th District supervisor. She has been clear, unequivocal and truthful in all of her communications.