Letters to the Editor

Voting for water

I see a common theme across the county. Some local incumbents aren’t taking the lack of a reliable water supply serious. Residents have been following this problem and reading the studies, we must start taking steps to secure a sustainable water supply by electing people that will be proactive.

It’s encouraging to see intelligent people in our incorporated and unincorporated areas challenging current incumbents who take clean drinking water for granted. In Pismo Beach, we have three incumbents who must go. At Boosinger Park across from Judkins School, the ground is drenched nightly. The big hotels also water acres of lush green grass nightly while the city continues the race to build on every inch of bare land within and even outside of the city limits.

We must stop our city’s rampant waste of water and poor planning. Pismo incumbents who have been telling residents whatever necessary get re-elected whether it’s factual or not. We can’t afford their political double talk, it’s time to vote for integrity and for people who have been studying water reports for years. That’s why I support Marcia Guthrie and Sheila Blake for City Council and Kevin Kreowski for mayor, as well as Measure H-14.