Letters to the Editor

Won’t fool me twice

Proponents of Measure G claim it will go to street paving, sidewalk repair, downtown safety and capital improvement projects. How did our city fund these items before Measure Y passed in 2006? Are our sidewalks in better shape today than then? Are streets in better condition, or traffic less congested? Do you feel safer downtown?

According to an April letter to the City Council by John Fowler, a member of the Measure G advisory committee, since Measure Y passed, we’ve seen a 34 percent increase in city tax revenue (excluding the $6 million from Measure Y), yet spending on capital improvements has remained flat at $4 million per year. So where has much of the Measure Y tax gone?

Measure Y expires next March, but our City Council believes once a tax, always a tax. If we cannot wean ourselves from this tax increase now, amidst a significant economic recovery, then when?

We were a great city before Measure Y through sound fiscal management and living within our means. Measure G taxes would go to the general fund and could be spent on anything. We’ve witnessed this with Measure Y.

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. Don’t be fooled again! Vote “no” on Measure G.