Letters to the Editor

What about SLO?

Recently, I found a piece of campaign literature in my mailbox from Caren Ray. As I perused it, I read of injustices in Bakersfield, of dirty air in Bakersfield, of development in Bakersfield — and I began to wonder why I was wasting my time reading a piece of paper that was so irrelevant. Frankly, I am not concerned about Bakersfield, and I’m not voting based on whether or not Bakersfield has clean air. I’m voting for what is best for San Luis Obispo County.

Instead of mincing Lynn Compton’s words and mocking her attempts at carrying on case studies, I’d appreciate it if Ray shared more of her ideas on why her policies will help San Luis Obispo County. How will increasing taxes help our economy? How will increasing regulations help our economy?

Caren Ray has made enough claims and propositions to keep fact checkers and economists busy for years, and I propose that she spend more time explaining herself to voters, and less time disparaging Lynn Compton’s commendable efforts to provide tried and true solutions.