Letters to the Editor

Fight for the future

It seems like the most recent elections have been wrought with apathy, disillusionment, and dire disappointment for many of us voters. We often feel like we are voting for the candidate who represents the lesser of two evils.

So often, we see candidates who are approaching politics as groomed and ready to play the role in a “business as usual” fashion. It is extremely rare to find a candidate whom you feel is truly honest, passionate and committed to serving the common good and not themselves. It is rare to find someone who inspires us to become politically involved again. Integrity and courage cannot be bought or shaped for campaigns. It has to come from within the candidate’s character. It takes courage and intelligence to stand apart from the norm.

The time has come, and we have such a candidate in our midst. She is focussed on important issues that many of the “professional” politicians are hesitant to talk about: climate change, income inequality and campaign finance reform, to name a few.

Heidi Harmon is such a candidate. Choose a candidate who will fight for your and your family’s future. The future matters more than ever, so vote for Heidi Harmon.