Letters to the Editor

Ray is dedicated

I’ve met Caren Ray many times, and I have been impressed and reassured by her work ethic. She is a dedicated, hard-working, question-asking leader. As a county supervisor, there are reams of papers to read on multiple issues. Caren actually reads them and asks questions and digs deeper before she decides on how to vote.

We need her diligence to find truth and evaluate the impact on issues such as our water supply, air quality and the potential of thousands of rail cars filled with crude oil to be delivered to and refined on the Nipomo Mesa — beside other important challenges. We cannot afford for these issues and more to be rubber-stamped.

Lynn Compton seems to be taking directions from those who are behind the scenes. She simply has not proven herself. Her time would be better spent volunteering to serve on nonprofit boards that have no relationship to her business or running for any beginning-level public office position to gain ground-level experience and see just how much work there really is in properly serving the public.