Letters to the Editor

10 reasons for Harmon

Ten reasons to vote for my mom, Heidi Harmon:

1. She is the hardest-working person I know, and she will do everything to see a project through.

2. She is incredibly open and an adaptive thinker. She won’t “flip-flop,” but she won’t ignore other points of view either.

3. She brought me up to believe that one never needs to be cruel in order to be strong.

4. If she believes in something, she does not give up on it.

5. She is the best dresser I’ve ever met.

6. She never confuses seriousness for solemnity, and she faces trials with a smile on her face.

7. Every time she has come to a choice between what would be easy and what would be good, she always chose what would be good.

8. She listens pretty much exclusively to either soft acoustic music or hard-core hip-hop. 9. She is an incredibly inspirational leader for our state, our nation and our planet.

10. She loves me. She will never give up on my future or the future of any other child in our community.

I love you, Mom. And to everybody else: Whomever you vote for, get out and vote.