Letters to the Editor

H-14 is not a ‘taking’

Pismo Beach Measure H-14 opponents argue it’s a “taking” of Spanish Springs land. Preposterous! The U.S. Supreme Court ruled a taking is when an owner is deprived of all economically beneficial land uses, unless the proscribed use was not part of the original title.

First, Spanish Springs land has an economically beneficial use: rural residential. Second, the proposed use — massive leapfrog development — was not part of the original title. Third, Measure H-14 does not prohibit development; Pismo Beach citizens vote on it.

Finally, the city’s Measure H-14 analysis states the city can waive “standards and/or amend the General Plan without a public vote (if) standards constitute an unconstitutional taking of a landowner’s property.”

Before buying Price Canyon land, Spanish Springs developers knew San Luis Obispo County has large parcel sizes, water is limited and necessary infrastructure (e.g., access roads, Highway 101 interchange, etc.) does not exist. They bought the land anyway and schmoozed Pismo Beach’s officials. Don’t be fooled! Landowners do not have carte blanche; they must respect the rights of others. Vote “yes” on Measure H-14 and vote in new council members — Sheila Blake, Marcia Guthrie and Kevin Kreowski.