Letters to the Editor

Important decisions

Mike Clark raising the specter of the San Diego and Cerritos plane crashes reveals a lack of understanding of the Airport Land Use Commission (ALUC). Both catastrophes resulted from midair collisions miles away from what is now called the Airport Influence Area of the departure and landing airports and as such were not within the ALUC area of responsibility.

The California Airport Land Use Planning Handbook defines compatibility as the reconciliation of how land development and airports function together. The goal is to define uses that can coexist without constraining airport operation or exposing people living and working nearby to unacceptable levels of noise or safety hazards.

The Public Utilities Code grants governing entities the right to overrule the ALUC Plan as San Luis Obispo seeks to do.

This decision is too important to the future of San Luis Obispo to be left to uninformed and immature council members voting “no” in a fit of pique or as a knee-jerk reaction of “if they’re for it, I’m against it.”

This imbroglio is the result of a dysfunctional ALUC and council members who lack rigor and maturity. I recommend the Handbook to current council members and aspiring ones. Get a grip, get informed and govern.