Letters to the Editor

Listen to residents

While I am sorry the conversation deteriorated into acrimony and Brown Act violations, I am glad the San Luis Obispo City Council did not adopt the Land Use and Circulation Element (LUCE) in its current form. The update was not resident-based as promised, but stacked toward business and development interests.

For years, the Economic Vitality Corporation has worked to bring more flights into San Luis Obispo, supported by business interests touting the importance of the airport to maintain and increase the viability of commerce in the region. Now, the same folks support squeezing the airport and overriding the Airport Land Use Commission to allow housing closer to runways and flight paths. You can’t have it both ways.

The environmental impact report for the LUCE shows seven Class I impacts, significant and unavoidable, if growth happens according to the plan. Air quality will worsen, noise will increase, traffic and circulation will become worse and land use conflicts will be exacerbated. Current residents will bear the brunt of the impacts, all while the developers reap the profits.

We don’t hear much about quality of life, sustainability and slow growth these days, though dear to the hearts of many residents. I’m so disappointed with the progrowth dominance of our City Council.