Letters to the Editor

SLO in a pickle

The city of San Luis Obispo has gotten itself into a pickle.

The city has elected to write a revised General Plan for areas surrounding the county airport without consulting the county body that has the greatest experience in airport land use compatibility planning — the Airport Land Use Commission. Now, the city proposes to overrule the ALUC and adopt a LUCE that will potentially expose thousands of residents to unacceptable aircraft noise and safety hazards even though it has been notified by the California Department of Transportation that certification of the environmental impact report is not legal and that the findings proposed to support an overrule are inadequate to meet the requirements of state law.

This confrontation is completely unnecessary. The Airport Land Use Commission remains ready to work with the city in developing a revised LUCE and an Airport Land Use Plan that are mutually consistent and consider the goals of both the city and the ALUC.

In the upcoming City Council election, only Mike Clark has declined to offer up aknee-jerk approval of the proposed overrule. I urge voters to endorse a cooperative and constructive solution by supporting Mike Clark with your ballots. Why not vote for a win-win?