Letters to the Editor

Consider vote

As I’m bombarded by the political ads before this election, I noticed something interesting. The Lois Capps campaign is only running negative ads. They take sound bites from her opponent that I’m sure aren’t all he said to clarify a statement, and turn it into something negative. I would think that if you have been in Congress for 16 years, you would have so many accomplishments that you are proud of that you wouldn’t need to run negative ads. So I looked into her record to see what she has done, and I encourage you to do the same. For someone who has been there for over 16 years, the record isn’t very impressive. She was the only person to vote “no” on HR 556 (look it up). After the vote, she said she voted “no” by mistake. Really? What if it is was a close vote that really meant something? I’m not telling you to vote for anyone, just please consider your vote if you are planning on Lois Capps.