Letters to the Editor

Gun reforms needed

In light of yet another school shooting, it’s time that gun-control laws are reformed so that firearms are both harder to obtain and more safely kept. In countries like Japan, you must pass written, shooting, drug and mental health tests, as well as an in-depth background check before getting a gun. The result? A country with 11 gun-related homicides in a year (2008). Per capita, this would be like the United States only having 30 — a number that, chillingly, sounds small.

We recently performed a lockdown drill at my high school, a routine activity that has gained much weight since my freshman year. We’re told that if we’re in the hall when the teachers lock their doors, we’re on our own. Even if we plead, we’re not let in — the shooter might be with us. We aren’t allowed to use our cell phones because they might interfere with emergency communications. This translates to no goodbyes, no last “I love yous.” These are both necessary precautions to something that shouldn’t be a threat, but is.

Most people, of course, would never do this. Most gun owners are responsible, but the problem is the people who aren’t, and unfortunately, it only takes one.