Letters to the Editor

Not in Pismo Beach

A huge development of 800 homes, two convention centers, a hotel and a golf course is a great idea in Orange County, but not in Pismo Beach.

In the midst of a statewide drought we have wells running dry, aquifers running low, state water at minimums and water rationing. All Central Coast cities (Pismo Beach included) are short on water, while Cambria’s water is basically gone.

And who hasn’t seen the increased congestion on Five Cities Drive, Bello Street and Price Canyon, as well Highway 101 slowdowns, stoppages and frequent accidents near Price Canyon exit?

Mayor Shelly Higginbotham and council members Mary Ann Reiss and Kris Vardas approved the Spanish Springs development amid increased warnings of drought and traffic congestion, but threw caution to the wind. The Sierra Club sued the city and won. Pismo Beach residents amassed enough signatures to override their decision and place the future direction of Pismo Beach on the upcoming ballot.

Ask yourself, “Do I really want to risk insufficient water supply for our existing Pismo Beach residents and increase traffic gridlock within our beautiful city?”

Help us keep Pismo Beach beautiful. Vote for Sheila Blake, Marcia Guthrie, Kevin Kreowski, and yes on H-14 (Save Price Canyon).