Letters to the Editor

One vote for Ward

I want to thank The Tribune Editorial Board for vetting the four candidates running for the Atascadero City Council. The board recommended the two challengers. I’m sure that a majority of the Atascadero voters would agree with their endorsements.

They believe both challengers would bring balance to the council and that both are smart and have a clear vision of the city’s needs. Both are independent thinkers and have served on the Planning Commission. Both understand how our city government works and would ensure all points of view were considered.

I choose to support Chuck Ward because it’s highly unlikely both challengers could win a seat on the council. Chuck Ward is a gentleman with an outstanding business mind and business background. His energy level, passion for the betterment of our community and track record of get ting the job done are legendary.

When elected, Chuck Ward will complement independent-thinking Councilman Bob Kelley. Both have the business savvy to negotiate with all parties to get Wal-Mart and other properties promptly moving forward and completed without draining reserve funds.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Please join me and save one vote for Chuck Ward!