Letters to the Editor

Stop the trickle up

Forty years of trickle down economics has shown us how money begets money. It trickles up, not down, and while the middle and poor classes get poorer, the wealthy get wealthier.

Also, the great bulk of the super wealthy’s money comes from inheritances or stock profits, not from actual earned income. We do not live in a meritocracy.

The Republican leadership, Fox News and conservative talk radio have two tactics: keep people fearful and tell people that they will return us to the “good old days.” According to Republicans, black people and immigrants are taking over, terrorists are taking over, the Ebola virus is taking over, godless Democrats are taking over and any of them will ruin your life.

Also, Republicans say they want to take us back to some mythical past where life was good, moral and predictable. However, people now are just as moral as they were back then. The great majority of people, all around the world, have always wanted to live their lives in safety and comfort, while the wealthy have always wanted to get more money.

It has always been that way and it will always be, unless we put controls on the greed of the wealthy.