Letters to the Editor

Ray represents all

The Tribune’s Oct. 17 endorsement of Caren Ray for District 4 supervisor was spot on. She has the experience, background and independent support to be able to properly represent her constituents and do a good job for the entire county. That is why she was appointed to the job.

She has shown that she is not bound by any particular political ideology, despite her opponent’s claims. Lynn Compton seems beholden to a narrow and very conservative agenda and to her right-wing supporters, rather than all potential constituents.

The Tribune’s Oct. 24 brickbat awarded to Compton and her campaign was also very accurate and helpful. I, too, have noticed a number of dubious claims in her campaign, beyond the misleading statements concerning Proposition 13, an issue clearly designed to fire up her conservative base, which is banding together and pulling out all stops to try to get her elected.

The District 4 needs someone who is willing to listen to all sides of an issue, use good judgment, be fair and do what is right for the county and all constituents. That person is Caren Ray. Please vote for her for District 4 supervisor.