Letters to the Editor

Coffee with Compton

As a member of the Mike Byrd District 4 supervisory campaign, following the primary I had to decide which of the two remaining candidates to support. I knew Caren Ray and worked with her. She has great enthusiasm. I didn’t know Lynn Compton but had exchanged pleasant greetings with her during the primary forums. So, when Lynn asked me to meet for coffee to discuss issues of importance to me and to learn more about her, my curiosity compelled me to accept. The coffee lasted two hours!

I judge a candidate based on intelligence, integrity and the ability to not only listen, but to be open and respectful of input. Issues come and go, but the way someone approaches issues rarely changes.

Following the coffee meeting, I have had other discussions with Lynn Compton. I have concluded that overall she is the best and most qualified candidate for District 4 supervisor. This woman is smart, she does her homework and I believe she will represent all of us fairly. She has my full support, and my vote.