Letters to the Editor

Criticism in SLO

In recent letters, I have noticed there are few addressing those political candidates running for office in San Luis Obispo, while Paso Robles, Atascadero and Pismo Beach have filled the pages. Where is the well deserved criticism for these candidates who have repeatedly made wrong decisions over the past several years? With the exception of Kathy Smith, our mayor and council members have ignored the public’s knowledgeable information on good architectural and proper planning practices.

Their approval of the massive Monterey Place project, a five-story building hovering 235 linear feet along San Luis Creek, contradicts key elements of the General Plan, the Downtown Design Guidelines and the Downtown Concept Plan.

An additional problem is the alarming increase in the number of bars and alcohol outlets in downtown SLO.

In the years Jan Marx has served on the SLO City Council, 10 alcohol outlets within the downtown core have either been permitted, expanded or granted a nightclub use permit.

Those of us who care about our downtown are left with the option of a “write-in” vote for John Conner of San Luis Obispo for our next mayor!