Letters to the Editor

Critical improvements

Measure G is about much more than a half-percent sales tax. San Luis Obispo residents have been clear in their desire for fiscal responsibility, transparency and a focus on improving our quality of life.

The San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce has been a steadfast advocate of these points and has pushed for three critical improvements, all of which have been embedded in Measure G:

1. Creation of a citizens’ oversight committee to be a watchdog on city spending.

2. A written fiscal philosophy to guide current and future city councils.

3. A clear, publicly accessible dashboard showing where our city’s resources are spent.

City leadership has responded to our request and is already making good on the needed steps:

1. Applications for the oversight committee are now being taken.

2. The fiscal philosophy is part of the city’s labor negotiations strategy.

3. The dashboard is in its beta phase and available on the city’s homepage.

Our city still faces longterm fiscal challenges, but the trajectory of improvement is already evident. The SLO Chamber of Commerce believes strongly that Measure G can be another step forward toward our city achieving its potential. Please vote “yes” on Measure G. Keep SLO great!