Letters to the Editor

‘Yes’ on J and L

Measure J is a no-brainer, and Measure L-14 brings untapped opportunities.

While there has been much attention paid in full-length articles about contentious races for various policymakers’ seats, little coverage has been given to Morro Bay’s new direction toward a single election cycle.

As local residents, we respect the history behind the two-election method, first led by sincere citizens meaning well, yet this was not well thought out and led to a frustrating downtime for the conduct of business by the City Council from June to December each election year. We do support the passage of Measure J-14 and moving on to a new chapter next year.

About Cuesta College, it badly needs stable capital funds to mature; this can only be done via Measure L-14.

Many “doors will open” to local high schoolers, returning homemakers, lowincome persons or others: a path to a full-time career, readiness for Cal Poly or elsewhere in chosen fields or short-term refreshers at reasonable costs.

Cuesta shows its community focus with its Cultural and Performing Arts Center: affordable venues to all (not just students), student productions of live performances, jazz venues and superior acoustics. Please, vote “yes” on this measure!