Letters to the Editor

D is a costly affair

Have any of you taken a pencil in hand and calculated the amount Measure D-14 will add to your home’s property tax? At $49 per $100,000 assessed value, this would amount to $245 for a home assessed at $500,000. This tax will increase with higher assessments. And we will be saddled with this for a 30-year period.

Those of you who bought homes during 2005-06, have seen an increase in this year’s taxes going back to the former levels. According to the information sent from the San Luis Obispo County Assessor’s Office, schools already are receiving 61 percent of the property tax dollar, which is quite a chunk!

Now, let’s look at Measure L-14 for Cuesta College. This will add $19.45 per $100,000. For a $500,000 assessed value, this will add $90.25 to the yearly tax bill. Now with both bonds, we are at a total of $335.25 for the first year.

Those of us living in Los Osos are looking forward to paying approximately $2,000 or more per year for the community sewer.

How many homeowners, especially retirees, can afford all this? Proposition 13, as we once knew it, is slowly being chipped away. We need to take a serious look at the whole financial picture before voting.