Letters to the Editor

Keep business climate

I have lived in Atascadero since 1965 and have only written one other letter to the editor. It is with strong feelings that I want to endorse Brian Sturtevant, Tom O’Malley and Heather Moreno for re-election.

The business climate in Atascadero has improved dramatically under their leadership. All three individuals have a passion to see our city improve and our businesses flourish. It is no coincidence that the recent Chamber of Commerce walking survey had a large percentage of local businesses state that business was doing well or great. This is a direct result of policies ushered in by the current leaders. Anyone who has seen the improvements at the local zoo, participated in the Winter Wonderland, watched a movie at Galaxy Theatres, attended the wine festival or danced at a concert at Atascadero Lake Park can attest to the improved city climate.

As local business owners, my husband and I appreciate council members who are responsive to business needs and who also shop locally. Please join me in reelecting these three individuals so we can continue to see Atascadero grow in a tasteful and inclusive way and offer more jobs, events and services to its residents.