Letters to the Editor

Support for Cuesta

Measure L is endorsed by Cuesta College’s faculty and management senates, the faculty and classified unions, and the Associated Students of Cuesta College. We support Measure L because we believe in the necessity of this bond to maintain affordable, high-quality education and job training locally. Measure L is needed, not because there has been mismanagement of funds by our district, but rather, because the state has severely cut funding to community colleges over the past several years.

The college’s budget has been cut by more than $10 million in the past decade. Currently, Cuesta is one of the few community college districts in California that is not being supported by a local bond. Without local support, Cuesta will be forced to continue to use monies to maintain facilities and outdated technology, instead of funding modern opportunities for students.

Hence, the employee groups of Cuesta College are asking for your support so future generations of San Luis Obispo County will be guaranteed the high-quality education and services that have been the hallmark of Cuesta since its inception.

For additional information or to get your questions or concerns addressed, visit http://www.keepcuestastrong.com.