Letters to the Editor

Keep safety zone

As a resident or potential resident, you should be concerned about what occurred at the Oct. 21 San Luis Obispo City Council meeting.

The council attempted to override the public safety zone known as the Airport Land Use Plan, with the primary purpose to allow very large residential developments to be built within the safety zone, particularly San Luis Ranch (formerly Dalidio) and Avila Ranch.

As a now-retired, 30-year veteran firefighter in San Luis Obispo, I responded to most of the deadly airplane crashes that have occurred within the current safety zone.

From my experience, it would be a travesty to allow any residents to live in that hazardous area, no matter what the excuse.

In my experience, there is a high probability that there will be another plane crash in this safety zone; it’s just a matter of when.

We need new voices on our council who will look out for the safety of all residents. I believe voting for Mike Clark for City Council will give current permanent residents a voice on this and other issues that could have a severe impact on our community. He has shown concern for the safety and peace that residents in San Luis Obispo deserve.