Letters to the Editor

Keep A.G. Council

If you’ve lived in Arroyo Grande for decades, you know how Tony Ferrara came to public life. He fought for citizens when we knew we weren’t getting straight answers from our city. Worse than Atascadero today, our City Council let Wal-Mart build without even asking for money at an impacted interchange. Tony earned our trust.

He became a councilman in 1998 and mayor in 2002. With a background in law enforcement, he was honest and fair. His priorities were the welfare of the community, preserving what is special here and planning for the future.

If you hold public office, you will tick people off. You’d better, or you’re not doing your job. You will never please one group all the time unless you’re in their pocket.

Tony Ferrara has been in office 16 years, 12 of them as mayor, usually running unopposed. Why? Simple: He heads a good government. His administration never had the issues we’ve seen in communities around us. There’s a reason: Even if you didn’t agree with the outcome, you knew you’d been fairly heard.

Obviously, if you’ve watched the lunacy occurring in A.G., Mayor Ferrara made enemies. Please join in our continuing support of good government here. Vote for A.G.’s incumbent council.