Letters to the Editor

Confidence in Colamarino

I’m a common sense-oriented person and support fiscal responsibility in local government and budgeting. I support raising local funds, such as the half-cent sales tax proposed in Atascadero, to use toward road repairs and enhancements, including bicycle-related improvements. It will provide the city with badly needed funds equivalent to other cities, while providing for local control to do what’s right for Atascadero.

Atascadero is a lovely place for cyclists, and improving the roads and adding safety enhancements through use of the new sales tax will benefit the community in many ways, including attracting ecotourism, promoting a healthy community, and making it safer for kids to ride to school.

Len Colamarino was a coauthor of the Atascadero Bike Plan, which emphasizes safe routes to schools and other cycling improvements. After learning more about Len’s nononsense positions on fiscal responsibility and his support of bicycle improvements, he’s got my vote!