Letters to the Editor

Ray’s hostile tax policies

In its endorsement of Caren Ray, The Tribune glosses over her bad tax policies. Fundamentally, citizens already have the power to raise taxes and fees if they so desire — they don’t need Supervisor Ray and the California Legislature to increase taxes for them.

We can have an honest disagreement over whether Proposition 13 is good or bad. But it is simply a fact that Ray’s policies are hostile to taxpayers in general and Proposition 13 in particular.

There is also the question of judgment. Supervisor Ray voted to spend your tax dollars hiring a lobbyist to lobby for legislation reducing that threshold to 55 percent. Shouldn’t she eliminate funding for lobbyists before taking more money out of your pocket?

Taxpayers are threatened enough by politicians who are not sympathetic to their concerns. That’s why the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association PAC has endorsed Lynn Compton. She is committed to protecting all aspects of Proposition 13. It’s that simple.