Letters to the Editor

Measure G right for SLO

While I understand why many people aren’t fully satisfied with how Measure Y money was spent — including myself — I am going to vote “yes” on Measure G.

I love the quality of life we enjoy, and if more Measure G funds go to more capital improvement projects as promised, that would be great.

One reason I can vote for Measure G in good conscience is because of the accountability measures that are embedded in the proposed ordinance. One of those measures — the Citizens’ Oversight Committee — stands a decent chance of becoming the kind of bully pulpit necessary to prod our city council into doing more to get future pension obligations under control. The fact is, government is not known for its efficiencies, and elected officials often find it hard to address hard questions unless forced to. This oversight committee could add a valuable perspective and push.

In the end, my vote for Measure G is based on my optimism that we have learned something about balancing capital improvements spending versus personnel costs. I also believe our city staff are good people doing their best within a less-thanperfect political environment. I believe Measure G is right for SLO.