Letters to the Editor

Choose united Morro Bay

Measure J-14 is the answer to Morro Bay’s clunky and cumbersome election process. Morro Bay voters are plugged into what is happening in our city. I know this firsthand. I won the last City Council election in June with a clear majority. How? I walked all of the precincts throughout our city and I was incredibly lucky to have supporters walking with

We got out the vote, talked to voters, and placed our message about Morro Bay out into the public eye. Given our current system, does a candidate need to do this twice? No. It’s a waste of time and money, both for the city and candidate.

The current system, placed into practice in 2006, is costly and problematic, as it can create a dangerous lame duck council. It also runs the risk of creating a disheartened, electorally fatigued group of voters.

The current system is cumbersome, expensive (for the city and candidate), and time consuming. Our voters are informed and do understand the electoral process. They want a council that hears and responds to their concerns. A vote for Measure J-14 is vote for a united Morro Bay.